For a long time, dark and sad colors dominated in running clothing: black and gray. In Nessia, we decided to change it. We created unique women's leggings that introduced positive, energetic colors to the running world. As quality is of key importance to us, we have chosen a breathable, very delicate and extremely flexible Flexible Fit material. Thanks to it, Nessi sports leggings do not stop the sweat against the skin, but they drain it outside. What's more, they perfectly fit the figure and do not restrict movement. All this makes our running leggings can be successfully taken on fitness, yoga, crossfit or cycling. At Nessi, we make sure that runners feel not only comfortable but also safe in our products. That's why colorful OSLP leggings have reflective elements in three places: the front of the belt, thighs and back on the calves. Leggings for women have a cut, which was created in cooperation with trainers, runners, fitness instructors. For Nessi customers it is a guarantee that purchased sports leggings will not slide off the buttocks during inclines or sit-ups and will not oppress. Depending on your preferences and weather conditions, ladies can choose from long, 3, short and zero leggings. In most models, we have introduced a pocket or pockets that allow you to take necessary items to the training. Colorful and unique designs make, in turn, that running leggings are an additional motivation for training.

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