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Product code: ST-15

Color: Green

Sex: Unisex

They prevent chaffing

The thermoactive ankle socks were created for intensive trainings. They breathe well, don't cause abrasions or scalding, absorp shock. Thanks to them every activity becomes an even bigger pleasure.

Flat seams and shock-absorbing cushioning.

In these ankle socks a number of extra, modern solutions were used, such as: flat seams, welting system, shock-absorbing cushioning, and breathing zone. The addition of fibres such as Lycra, which is typically elastic, guarantees the ideal fit to the feet and retains the socks' structure even after multiple washings.


They breathe well. The socks have a canal system that facilitates the circulation of air during exercise.

They do not chafe. The socks have flat and strong seams that prevent abrasions and chafing.

They are very comfortable and delicate. The socks were made of high quality cotton combed Bio Cotton and a non-compression welt was used .

They adjust to the shape of the feet perfectly, thanks to the addition of lycra type fibers, which are characterized by high elasticity and Y-shaped heel finishing.

They do not slide around the foot thanks to the extra puller system on the instep.

Cushioning. The triple terry on the foot muffles the vibrations during exercise.



Composition: Cotton 80%, Elastane (Lycra) 15%, Gumitex 5%.