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Colour: multicolour

Material: Karbon/ Brisk 3D Ultra

Fabric weight: 110 g/m2 / 135 g/m2


Professional running T-shirt with a panel cut to improve moisture wicking during intense exercise. Enriched with carbon fibres with anti-static and anti-bacterial properties. The T-shirt is ultra-lightweight and provides UV protection. Half-zip and reflective elements. Suitable for demanding workouts. A sister-model of the KLC longsleeve training sweatshirt.


The city suffused with a golden glow of sunlight looks enchanted. Take a sip of a cocktail of sunny energy and head out for your morning workout! Run down the street where a flickering warm light has just spread. The windows of the skyscrapers sparkle as if painted with a magic brush. You can take some photos or just enjoy the view. The sun artist paints differently for everyone and these images are just for you. Let yourself be inspired by the unique combination of pattern and fabric structure, enhanced by the black of the Karbon fibre!


  • Panel construction for better moisture-wicking and maximum comfort. In the areas of intense perspiration, there are special inserts made of Brisk 3D Ultra fabric. A moisture-wicking strip runs from underarms to the sleeve rim, and from the neck to the lower back.
  • The T-shirt was made from a material of unique qualities. The fibres of natural carbon provide antibacterial and electrostatic properties that work great during intense workouts. Read more in the TECHNOLOGY AND FEATURES section.
  • The T-shirt features a special structure, so-called air pockets. They are regularly distributed on the fabric, so the T-shirt does not stick to the body.
  • A half-zip with a latch function. When the zipper holder is turned downwards, you can block the level of unzipping. This solution is highly functional during training in changeable weather conditions. The zipper is finished with a special cover to protect the chin and neck.
  • On the back, there is a pocket with a grommet. It is fastened with a zipper placed in the seam.
  • We used the strongest threads, so the T-shirt works with you during the activity. Such threads are used for parachute making.
  • The flatlock seams for the highest level of comfort
  • Reflective elements on the front and the back make you more visible and safe.


We have created our T-shirt a super fabric containing advanced Karbon yarn with athlete-supporting properties. The fabric has triangular perforated zones interlaced with Karbon fibre strips that feature unique technical properties. The Karbon yarn is an excellent conductor, so it absorbs and then dissipates electrostatic charges that accumulate in our body. It has a relaxing effect and can also prevent cramps. Carbon has an antibacterial function - it can eliminate a wide range of bacteria, prevents their multiplication and eliminates unpleasant odours. The fibre also provides thermo-regulating properties - it dissipates excess heat and helps to maintain an appropriate body temperature. The panels under the arms and on the back are made of Brisk 3D Ultra fabric, which is designed to instantly absorb moisture, spread it out over the fabric, and then transport it outside to evaporate. The material is nice and soft, so you can forget about chafing. The colours of our T-shirt are durable and will not fade when washed or exposed to sunlight. The KBC running T-shirt is a model you will appreciate during intensive training and on warm days. It will keep up with you during Ultra marathons, on the tennis court, while cycling or boxing practice, so wherever you need solid support. Take it along when you travel or wear it as an everyday accessory to match your casual styling. The running T-shirt was made for you in Poland.

Composition: 80% polyester, 10% elastane, 8% nylon, 2% carbonio / 100% polyester


  1. The T-shirt can be washed in a washing machine, at 40 degrees maximum.
  2. Empty and fasten the pockets before washing.
  3. Use a sportswear wash programme.

* The model in the picture is 175 cm tall and is wearing an S-size T-shirt.

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