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Product code: K2D-70

Color: Colorful

Sex: Woman


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A unique, excellent and one of its kind team shirt 2018. If you love our clothes and want to identify with our brand, then this is the shirt for you.


Provides comfort while running. The shirt is made of knitwear that is friendly to the body.

It dries quickly. Knitwear, which thanks to a special four-channel structure, quickly absorb sweat and evaporate it quickly.

It breathes well. On the side, the shirt has an accelerated moisture drainage zone, thanks to which the sweat is quickly evaporated, and the shirt does not rub the skin and does not cause any burns.

It does not heat up. It is resistant to UV rays, so it does not heat even during training on hot days.

It does not cause abrasions. T-shirts are sewn in from the outside and from the inside, thanks to which the t-shirt does not scrape even during long-term training.

Provides visibility during evening running. The t-shirt has reflectors (on the front in the form of a logo and on the back in the form of a belt), which improve the visibility of the runner on the route.

It is permanent. The jet jersey is very durable, does not deform and is not puffed. Colors do not argue and do not fade when exposed to UV rays.

It has a unique design. Intense colors and unique patterns give the whole, in which you stand out during the starts and training.

The material does not catch unpleasant odors, which ensures freshness even during long hours of training.


Composition: 100% Polyester.

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