Women's thermoactive shirts are perfect running clothes, especially for people who train intensively and want to invest in high-quality sports clothing that works both during the spring solstice and in winter, when layered clothes prevent possible colds. The thermoactive women's baskets are made of breathable material, and in areas of increased sweating, such as the back, underarms and under the bust, are equipped with additional, prepared zones for accelerated moisture removal, thanks to the 3D channel system used. Thermoactive, breathable women's shirts are also specially sewn, with the so-called monocorp, in which no seams have been used at all, which can oppress during training and cause discomfort. In the other parts of the shirt, so-called flat seams, also extremely comfortable to wear during intense workouts, which prevents any irritation and abrasions of the skin especially easily appearing on its sweaty and damp surface. Their additional strengths also include exceptional durability of colors, which remain intense even after many washes, enjoying the eye of their wearer. Breathable sports jerseys are another of the Nessi product line, which acting on the web as a sportswear manufacturer since 2008, offers its customers unique clothes for all those who love an active lifestyle and looking for original products that work not only as clothes during intensive training, but also also clothes that can be worn as casual ones every day. The philosophy of the Nessi brand was to move away from the general sports clothing trend on the market to gray or dark colors of training clothes. Nessi's breathable clothing is therefore an explosion of colors and interesting patterns that attract attention not only on training routes, but can also be interesting additions to everyday worn clothes or city clothing. The exceptionally high quality of fabrics from which Nessi's clothes are made makes them products that have been enjoyed for many years, regardless of the intensity of use. Thanks to the latest technologies that remove sweat or allow for maintaining a constant body temperature, Nessi's clothes and accessories are warm, elegant and functional in use, especially in the changing weather conditions that Polish climate can provide for us. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the full range of clothes and accessories from Nessi.

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