Do you feel like a walk or a training in unusual surroundings? Let us disenchant the grey days and move for a little while straight to Japan. Ahead of us lie unexplored paths, colourful flowers and the ocean which will put a spell on you with its wavy spectacle.

Japan welcomes you with a windy path. You run into a thick woodlet curious what else awaits you? After a moment, tufts of colourful poppies and irises pop up from under your feet – there are more and more of them, making a dense carpet. This must be a good omen, after all poppies symbolize success, and the irises – energy and power. That is all you need! You keep running, full of optimism, and the phone is getting packed with fantastic photos. This is not the end of the surprises! The orange brightness – the sunrays are dancing on the water, making it a glistening spectacle. Today the ocean is peaceful, yet everything can change in the blink of an eye! The power of water and the waves are exuberant.

Poppy is a pattern that was created thanks to our inspiration from Japan. It combines flowers with very distinctively positive symbolism with the wavy background. The colour spectrum is the afternoon, autumn-winter sun hanging low over the horizon. The world painted in orange, setting a sharp contrast with the sky and the navy-blue waves.