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Product code: RSO-12

Colour: Red


The sports socks equipped with reflective elements. They provide comfort during summer activities, both during the day and after the sunset. They work best in running, Nordic Walking, walking trips, cycling, roller-skating or climbing training.

Multifunctional construction

The RSO socks are a modernized version of the RSN model. They are shock-absorbent and have better elasticity around the insole area which in turn makes them easy to put on and then fit them to and cooperate with the feet. The socks don't roll. The welting keeps them in one position. You don't have to pull them up during your activity as they always keep in place. 
The material used is very durable, resistant to wearing down and ripping. Additionally, in this model, the seams used are flat, strong and durable; they do not irritate and do not rip which prevents from feet chaffing. The socks do not lose colours, or fade in the washing or when exposed to the sun - they look as new for a long time.

High breathability parameters

The socks were made from a thin and soft material which works excellently on hot days, in high temperatures. The breathing zones help your working feet. High breathability parameters and effective system of transporting the sweat to the outside of the material prevents overheating and chafing. The material is safe, skin-friendly and non-allergenic. Moreover, it dries very quickly.

Reflective elements

For the user's safety, the RSO socks are equipped with reflective elements on the upper welt. Their spot was chosen according to the better visibility rule so that the moving part of your body sends a changeable signal to the drivers who are on your evening training route.



They breathe well. The socks are made of polyamide, which provides better ventilation and increases the migration of sweat outside the sock. The surface of the breathable mesh that wicks off excess moisture and heat was increased in this model. Thanks to this, the foot does not overheat during intensive summer training.
They have got reflective elements. The sock has a reflective element in the upper welt.
They do not chafe. In the socks, flat seams were used so as not to cause abrasions and chafing.
They are thermoactive, thanks to which they maintain the optimal temperature of the foot.
They do not compress. Thanks to the increased flexibility in instep the socks do not cause tension in this critical place.
They are strong. Polyamide is resistant to abrasion and tearing. Socks do not pill and do not lose colors even after repetitive washing.
They provide impact absorption. Specially designed cushion on the sole (just next to the toes) provides cushioning while running.
They do not slide around the foot. A special wide elastic band in the mid-foot and the heel, finished with the Y system, prevents the socks from moving and ensures its stability.
They adjust to the shape of the foot. The socks are thin and flexible, so we do not feel that we have them on our feet. T
hey dry very quickly.
Their drying time is much shorter than the cotton ones’.



- increases the migration of sweat outside the sock,

- breathes very well,

- is characterized by high flexibility,

- it is resistant to abrasion and other mechanical factors,

- prevents the growth of bacteria, enzymes and molds,

- it is resistant to lyes (chemical compounds).

Composition: Polyamide 94%, Gumitex 5%, Reflective Yarn Reflexa 1%.