Socks are an element of clothing, which is often not given much importance. This is a mistake, because from them depends on the comfort of the feet during training, and also whether the footwear will perform well and hence breathing and wicking moisture.

Nessi running socks are made of durable, skin-friendly and breathable materials. Thanks to this, they provide effective transport of sweat from the skin's surface to the outer layers of the material. In models designed for cooler days, we use a thermoactive knit that prevents cooling and provides thermal comfort. Our running socks are flexible and fit perfectly to your feet. The puller system and Y-shaped heel used in them guarantee that the socks will not move and roll. In the spring-summer 2016 season, we also introduced compression running socks. They are perfect for marathons and ultramaratons, as well as for accelerating regeneration after considerable effort. Nessi socks are also distinguished by their colors - in addition to traditional black and white, they can be purchased in blue, yellow, green, red, orange or pink.

In our offer you will also find sports socks for volleyball and basketball, for the gym or for fitness.

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