Price: 24,75€



Product code: ARE-11T1 S

Color: Multicolor

Sex: Unisex

Microfiber towel

The two-sided microfibre towel will prove to be useful both in the training and on the beach. It is exceptionally delicate, soft and skin-friendly and at the same time it is durable and resistant to training and washing. It was made from fibres tens of times thinner than cotton, which makes it adhere to the skin's surface and so successfully fulfills its function.

Microfibre is characterised by its fantastic absorption properties which will help you dry your skin after a sea bath or an intensive training. It also breathes very well which makes it dry very quickly and so very short time it is ready to be used again. The towel is light, elastic and it takes up little room - it will be very useful when travelling and will fit a gym bag easily.

Measurements: 80 cm long/ 70 cm wide.