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Training plan

Are you starting to run or are you preparing for your first running competition?

Or maybe you've been running for a long time, but there is a lack of progress and you do not know what's next?

In this situation, the coach's support will be invaluable.

The training plan is prepared by Paweł Grzonka (more about Paweł here:

The running plan is individually matched to your running goal as well as the possibilities and condition.


The course of cooperation with the trainer:

- Training plan covers 90 days (depending on the chosen package),

- cooperation with the trainer takes place online - by mail and by phone,

- after buying a training schedule - up to 3 days an e-mail contact is made by the trainer,

- at the beginning an interview is conducted: what was the current running experience, what is the specific running goal,

- after the interview with the trainer, the training plan is sent by e-mail to 7 days,

- the plan is sent every week - it is not set top-down for 90 days, because you are selected individually and it all depends on the enthusiasm, willingness and progress of the training person.