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Product code: M-6

Color: Blue

Sex: Unisex


The Multisport model is a sock for active people who value comfort and innovative solutions. They allow you to practice safely and comfortably such sports as: basketball, volleyball or tennis or jogging.

With ventilation zones

Multisport is a universal model which can be used in any sports' discipline. Special ventilation zones were implemented in the socks thanks to which the excess heat and sweat are wicked away to the outer layers. A number of functional solutions are responsible here for keeping the sock in place, absorption of the shock and provision of comfort during a prolonged training. 



They protect the ankle joint against injuries thanks to the use of weave such as Lycra.

They don't move around the foot during the activities. The puller system in the middle foot part holds the sock in place.

They provide thermal comfort. Throughout the entire sock run special zones that wick away the moisture and excess heat, which in turn makes doing sports even more enjoyable and comfortable.

They provide maximum comfortability. The innovative system of bends on the foot arch prevents the creation of tension in the foot, and the non-pressure puller above the ankle makes us not feel the tired legs even after a prolonged exercise.

They absorb the shock. The triple terry material absorbs the vibrations perfectly.

They are durable. Lycra helps keep the sock in its original shape even after multiple washing.



Composition: Cotton 80%, Elastane (Lycra) 15%, Gumitex 5%.