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  • Description


    Thermoactive snood with which you will shield yourself from the cold and wind during activities in the  fall-winter period. Thanks to the specialized Cubic Guard knitted fabric, which smashes cold gusts of wind and does not allow it to permeate inside, it will protect you from cooling down and maintain your body temperature during training in low temperatures. The snood is warm and delicate in contact with the skin - it softly wraps the neck, nape and head. We have placed a reflective logo on the snood. Raya pattern is inspired by designs painted on the windows by frost - the power of its navy blue color scheme will charge you with energy even on the most cloudy day.

    Protection from wind





    All-year-round product


    Cubic Guard is your shield against cold and wind. The material has an innovative microcube structure, inspired by the construction of a breakwater - the wind crashes against the surface of the material and does not permeate inside. The delicate nap lining the inner side of the material efficiently wicks away moisture generated during activity, preventing cooling down.

    Cubic Guard material has fibers with high flexibility, thanks to which it allows you to put on the snood conveniently. In addition, its high durability causes that you will enjoy it for many intense seasons. Resistance to UV rays is the assurance that the colors will retain their saturation for a long time. The knitted fabric has anti-allergic and anti-bacterial properties.



    Our snood will be perfect for training or running competitions, or during winter trekking in the mountains. You will successfully wear it on bicycle trips on windy days. This accessory is indispensable during changing weather conditions, in the fall-winter period, when you want to shield yourself from cool air and cold gusts of wind.

  • Benefits

    You will feel thermal comfort. In the fall-winter period, the snood ensures that the neck and nape maintain optimal temperature, while efficiently wicking away moisture generated during exercise – it prevents cooling down.

    You can use it in many ways, protecting the head as well as neck and nape. It will work well during many outdoor activities on cold and windy days.

    Indispensable in fall and winter
    The snood is a key accessory in the fall-winter period. It will protect you from sudden weather changes, from the cold and wind.

  • Functions

    Sufficiently high
    Will successfully protect your neck and nape from low temperatures.

    Comfortable to put on and take off thanks to the high flexibility and durability of the material.

    Compact size
    You can carry our snood with you at all times: it will fit in any purse, bum bag or backpack, as well as in a jacket or blouse pocket. It is also light and handy.

    Precise finishing
    Finishing in the form of an overlock stitch ensures better durability of the snood: the material does not fray.

    Fast colors
    Enjoy your favorite colors for a long time - they will not fade or wash out.

    Flat seams
    We use flat seams that do not cause chafing or irritation to the delicate skin of the neck and facial area.

    One size
    One size fits all - just choose your favorite color or pattern.

    Reflective element
    We have placed a reflector in the form of a logo on the snood.

  • Care

    • Machine washable (max. temperature 40°C)
    • Use a program designed for sportswear
    • Do not bleach
    • Do not dry clean
  • Detailed information

    Collection: Lively FW22/23
    Category: running
    Patten: Raya
    Color: navy, blue, green
    Product code: AB2-16F8
    Material: Cubic Guard
    Material grammage: 210 g/m2
    Material composition: 100% polyester

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