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Merino snoods – comfortable alternative to a scarf

Long scarves finished with fringes look beautiful and wrap with wonderful warmth but for outdoor activities it is better to leave them at home. The scarf limits the range of movements, the tying tends to loosen and the ends of the scarf fly uncontrollably behind the back which can be dangerous in certain situations – it is not without reason that the ban on wearing scarves is a permanent item in the regulations of ice rinks.

However, you must have something on your neck – for comfort and health. The optimal solution is flexible, tube-shaped snood, slipped over the neck. The snood fits easily under the jacket's collar, stays in place at all times and made of thermo-insulating, breathable fabrics, it provides you with 100% comfort and freshness. There are many models on the market made of natural and synthetic materials with various technical parameters – we offer you merino snood made of the only such yarn in the world.

The origin and advantages of merino wool

Merino wool's properties are as extraordinary as animals to whom we owe its goodness: merino sheep live in extreme, natural conditions of the New Zealand Alps where the weather is very changeable. Thin, porous sheep pelage protects them from overheating and cooling down in the frost which often reaches double-digit values. Merino wool retains these properties – thermoactive underwear, socks and accessories with its content work wonders for people training on cold days.

Merino snoods – perfect winter accessory

Merino snood fits tightly to the neck but it does not scratch or interfere with activity: the material is soft and pleasant to the touch, gently wraps the body without constricting. Merino wool structure ensures optimal temperature maintenance, absorption of moisture from the skin's surface and fast drying. This is of utmost importance for your comfort in case of accessories in direct contact with the skin: no matter how much time you spent outside and at what pace you trained – in merino snood you will feel only warmth and dryness. Merino wool does not condense moisture but evaporates it instantly which makes it resistant to the development of bacteria and unpleasant odors.

Folded snood fits in every pocket so it's worth having it with you in case of a sudden weather breakdown – thanks to its universal cut it will save You in many situations. Depending on your current needs you can make it not only a scarf but also a headband or a hat, a face mask or a hair elastic. Stretch and style it boldly – durable, flexible fibers will always return to their original form!