Price: 7,25€



Product code: RMO-9

Color: Black - Blue

Sex: Unisex

Sports socks equipped with reflective element. They provide comfort during summer physical activities both at day and night time. They will work in running , Nordic Walking, hiking, cycling, roller-blading or climbing.

For spring and summer trainings

The RMO socks are an improved version of the RMN model. Perfectly suited to weather conditions in the spring and summer and provide comfort during the most intensive training.

Breathe and do not chafe

The socks are made of polyamide, which breathes well and quickly wicks the sweat away. The flat seams protect the foot against abrasions and chafing. The model also uses several solutions thanks to which the socks protect against injuries, absorb the impact in motion and do not slide around the foot.


They breathe well. The socks are made of polyamide, which provides very good ventilation and increases the migration of sweat outside the sock. The model also uses a new breathing zone structure with an increased area of ​​breathing mesh.

They are thermoactive, thanks to which they maintain the optimal temperature of the foot.

They do not chafe. The socks used flat seams, which do not cause abrasions and chafes.

They are strong. Polyamide is resistant to abrasion and tearing.

They protect against injury by introducing a compression zone that protects the ankle and its joint.

They provide shock absorption. Specially designed pillow on the sole minimizes the vibrations occurring during sports.

It does not move. The sock is elastic, which ensures a perfect fit to the shape of the foot. The innovative puller system keeps it in one position.

They dry very quickly. Their drying time is much shorter than cotton socks.



- increases the migration of sweat outside the sock,
- breathes very well,
- is characterized by high flexibility,
- it is resistant to abrasion and other mechanical factors,
- prevents the propagation of bacteria, enzymes and mold,
- it is resistant to alkalis (chemical compounds).

Composition: Polyamide 89%, Gumitex 10%, Reflective Yarn Reflexa 1%.