During physical exercise outdoors, especially in the colder months of the year, you can not forget about appropriate clothing that effectively protects against cold and other adverse weather conditions. Thermoactive sweatshirt offered in our store is best suited for outdoor training, effectively protecting the body from excessive cooling. It will provide heat, adequate ventilation and effectively drain the moisture accumulating on the skin accompanying intensive training. Breathable thermoactive men's underwear will guarantee active men the comfort and optimum thermal comfort during any type of outdoor physical activity. Longsleeve male thermoactive included in the assortment of our store is a product of the highest quality. During its production advanced technologies and state-of-the-art fibers were used, characterized by extreme durability and resistance, non-sooting moisture, and at the same time exceptionally skin-friendly. What's more, these fibers are antibacterial, effectively preventing the growth of bacteria and the formation of unpleasant odors. Two-layered, specialized material, from which longsleeve was sewn, perfectly protects the body against unfavorable weather conditions, guarantees adequate ventilation and effectively wicks away excess moisture, which makes the skin always dry, regardless of the weather conditions outside, as well as the intensity training. The thermoactive underwear offered for men in our shop is designed and sewn to provide men with the highest comfort and convenience during any physical activity. It has flexible 3D zones, which task is to provide the muscles with optimal pressure, which significantly improves blood circulation during training. In areas with increased sweating, there are specially designed zones that ensure more efficient air flow and even better ventilation. Thermoactive sweatshirts that we offer are ideally suited to your figure. They have a suitably long sleeve, which guarantees optimal heat and tight protection against walking all over the upper body. The underwear has been equipped with pressure-free, extremely gentle to the skin welts, and the minimum number of flat, non-irritating body seams guarantees maximum comfort during its use. Thermoactive underwear ideally suited to running and other intensive activities in the outdoors.

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