On the streets you can meet more and more runners. The growing popularity of this sport is certainly due to the fact that this sport does not require significant costs - just leave the house and start running after the warm-up. Running is the most natural form of movement that brings many benefits to both your figure and health. Many begin to run for the sake of their figure, because in the course of the hour, all body muscles work and we burn up to 900 calories per hour. Running has a positive effect on the circulatory system, improving circulation and preventing heart disease. It also strengthens the immune system, especially those who run even in adverse weather conditions. Running also improves the mood and appearance of our skin, oxygenating it. These are just a few of the advantages that this sport brings. In order to bring not only benefits but also pleasure, it is worth equipping yourself with appropriate clothing, footwear and accessories. Women's leggings are the most commonly chosen type of pants for sports, in particular running. Their popularity results from the fact that they significantly increase the comfort of running due to adherence to the body. This cut also prevents the formation of unpleasant abrasions in the groin region. It is worth choosing women's gaiters, which are seamless, because they perfectly adhere to the body, and at the same time do not become deformed after washing, so that they will last for a long time. Leggings intended for sports should also be breathable, thanks to which they drain moisture and heat to the outside, and thermoactive ones, thanks to which they will be great at different temperatures and weather conditions. Women's leggings by Nessi are also thermoactive and breathable, because they are sewn from two specialist materials - the first one is responsible for ventilation and ensuring dryness of the skin, while the other not only scatters moisture, but also provides warmth and protects the body against the wind. Sweat, which is secreted while running, contains a lot of bacteria, which is why the Nessi women's leggings are made of antibacterial materials, so you can feel the pleasant dryness and freshness while running. An interesting solution used in Nessi's leggings is the 3D zone, which optimizes the pressure on the muscles, even more to improve circulation. With all its advantages, Nessi leggings are extremely light and with a limited number of seams, giving the impression of a second skin. Therefore, we encourage you to read the gaiters from the Nessi Sportswear online store offer.

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