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Colour: black

Material: Resi Fit

Fabric weight: 190 g/m2


Running leggings with a multifunctional waistband. Three openings around the waistband give access to one large pocket for your workout essentials. Non-transparent material stretches in 4 directions. The dynamic cut makes the leggings act like a second skin. Wherever you need comfort and convenience, our leggings are the best choice.


Deep, mesmerizing black - this is our Shiny, our version of black! We chose a unique colour, full of mystery and darkness. Rebellious nature and self-willingness made us choose a colour that is the opposite of colour, the opposite of light. The mystery of black attracts like a magnet. We embellished it by giving it an original touch. It is an expressiveness you will love. Black symbolizes independence, elegance, class and luxury. It is the colour of individualists, strong and essential. In combination with our original embossing, a unique effect was created, which you won't find anywhere else. Shiny Black will make you glow like a black diamond.


  • OSLP is a non-pressure multifunctional waistband. It not only adapts to the shape of your figure but also keeps your leggings in place, ensuring comfort during exercise. It was designed in a particular way - so that it supports but does not squeeze.
  • There are three hidden pockets in the waistband: one in the front, the other two on the sides.
  • The elastic waistband stabilizes the contents of the pockets so that keys or phone do not cause discomfort.
  • The suitable cut made it possible to find the perfect solution for every active woman: the leggings stay in place and at the same time they do not squeeze.
  • You can trust the seams in our leggings; they are strong and lightweight - it is the technology used in parachuting.
  • Flat seam technology maximizes your comfort without any abrasions.
  • This model doesn't have reflectives.
  • The unique Shiny embossing is our way of highlighting the depth of colour: you'll find it only with us - stand out from the crowd.
  • Appropriate even for sensitive skin; no irritation.


Our leggings are created for activity, thanks to the use of two innovative fabrics: Resi Fit (legs) and Resi Slim (waist).
Resi Fit is a fabric which properties place it in between Resi Slim and Resi Ultra 4K. Its main feature is its great elasticity: it stretches in 4 directions in an X-shape. This means that you can be sure of a perfect fit. Excellent breathability allows you to enjoy your workout without any unwanted moisture; the fabric wicks sweat away from the skin to the outer layers, where it evaporates. The fabric is non-see-through, so you can perform warm-ups and other exercises, such as bends and asanas, comfortably. The fabric is gentle to your skin, so you will not suffer any irritation or chafing. If you are more athletic with strongly shaped thighs or calves, the leggings will be slightly lifted and thus a bit shorter. The Resi Slim material, used for the waistband, combines softness and durability. The fabrics used in the leggings provide top breathability. Our leggings are the perfect choice for jogging, gym, Zumba or tennis classes. They also take up little space in your luggage. You can match them with a #nessigirl t-shirt or cotton sweatshirt to complete your everyday urban look.
The leggings were manufactured for you in Poland.

Composition: 74% polyester, 26% elastane


  1. Leggings can be washed in a washing machine, at 40 degrees maximum.
  2. Before putting the leggings into the washing machine make sure there are no garments with Velcro or sharp ends etc. in the washing tub as they could cause mechanical damage to the leggings.
  3. Make sure the pockets are empty.
  4. Use a sportswear wash programme.

* The model in the picture is 175 cm tall and is wearing S/M size leggings.


  Height 150 - 158 154 - 162 160 - 170 164 - 180 166 - 180
  Waist 60 - 70 64 - 74 68 - 82 74 - 90  78 - 94
  Hips 82 - 96 86 - 100 90 - 104 96 - 110  100 - 116

* The model in the picture is 172 cm tall and wearing S-M leggings.