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Product code: OSLP-11Z1

Colour: Multicolour

Gender: Woman


Discover soothing pattern of Lily Pond design, our version of the midsummer evening! Dare to meet adventure. Inhale and revel in the marvellous scent of warm air and water lilies that invite you to a feast of the senses. Pink and yellow flowers share their good energy! Let green – the colour of harmony – nature and balance overwhelm you. A dragonfly perched on a rolled-up young leaf. Its delicate wings are glittering like in a fairy tale. You've seen them somewhere. Enchanted frogs are croaking along the pond. Let yourself be invited to this story, kiss the prince!

Lily Pond is a perfect harmony of relaxing greenery and energetic flowers, nature and a bit of magic, enchanted in our everyday life. The pattern is complemented by a background that brings to mind classic engravings. This time, we were inspired not only by fairy-tale stories but also by the history of our brand – dragonfly wings have already appeared in previous collections.

Embrace the sources of nature in the Lily Pond leggings.



The waistband was made from a thin, yet durable Flexible Fit Slim material, combining delicacy and usability – it’s highly breathable and wicks moisture away. The leggings have three hidden pockets, two on the side and one at the front, so you can keep all the necessary things around –  mobile phone, energy gel or tissues. Flexible material stabilizes the contents of the pocket. The waistband adapts perfectly to the shape of your figure so you can feel free and comfortable.



Flexible Fit HD is a highly flexible and durable material that stretches 4 directions! It makes the leggings adapt to your shape as if made-to-measure and they are not see-through even while performing bends or lunges. It also prevents them from losing their intense colours. In our leggings you can  jog, dance, do some fitness or travel comfortably.


These details make a difference:

  •           the abrasion-resistant material does not lose colour in washing or under the influence of sunlight;
  •           4K print with 3D effect and original design is the distinguishing feature of our leggings;
  •           proper cut makes the leggings stay on place during workout whileflat seams prevent abrasions;
  •           we use top quality threads that are also used in aviation – that is kind of durability you can trust;
  •           it wicks moisture away instantly so the material dries quickly;
  •           we want you to be safe – our leggings are equipped with a reflective logo at the front part of a thigh and on the outside, as well as on calves in the form of dots. Their place was chosen according to the principle of greater visibility so that the moving part of the body gives a variable signal to drivers on the route of the evening workout.
  •           delicate and skin-friendly material.

The leggings were manufactured for You in Poland.

* The model in the photo is 172 cm tall and wearing S/M size leggings.



Flexible Fit

The legginsy are like the second skin. They were made from a high quality material Flexible Fit which is delicate, skin-friendly and providing perfect fit to the feminine shapes. What is extremely important is the fact that they breathe and wick away the moisture instantly to the outside. This in turn guarantees maximum comfort during an intensive training both indoors and outdoors.

Flexible Fit doesn't lose colors in washing or in the sun thanks to which your clothes look like new for a long time.


- material is skin-friendly,
- it is very delicate,
- it is nice to touch,
- exceptionally elastic,
- breathes well,
- it wicks the moisture away,
- it dries quickly,
- it isn't transparent,
- it protects the colors,
- it is durable,
- it is non-allergenic.

Composition: 86% polyester, 14% elastane.

Flexible Slim (belt

The improved version of Flexible Fit material: exceptionally delicate, thin, with better breathing parameters.

Material behaves like the second skin: it is elastic and stretches in four directions which provides perfect adjustment to every silhouette.

Thanks to its very good breathability the sweat is quickly wicked away to the outside and the material stays dry. It is characterized by its unusual delicateness and is skin-friendly without causing skin irritation or abrasions.

The material doesn't lose colors in washing or in the sun thanks to which your clothes look like new for a long time.

Composition: 82% polyester, 18% elastane.

Weight: 190 g/m2


  Height 150 - 158 154 - 162 160 - 170 164 - 180 166 - 180
  Waist 60 - 70 64 - 74 68 - 82 74 - 90  78 - 94
  Hips 82 - 96 86 - 100 90 - 104 96 - 110  100 - 116

* The model in the picture is 172 cm tall and wearing S-M leggings.