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Product code: OSLZ-10A2

Color: Multicolor

Sex: Woman

Premium leggings with imprint in 4K quality and original design with a 3D effect. They perfectly adapt to the shape of the body, with high breathability parameters. We provide you with the opportunity to choose one of two dedicated belts.
They can be used during physical activities, outdoors, as well as indoors. They work well during running training, mountain hiking, cycling, roller-skating, climbing, dancing, exercise at the fitness room or at the gym. They can also be worn daily, for work, school, shopping or walking.

Two types of belt to choose

Premium leggings give you a choice of either OSLP or OSLZ belt.

- OSLP multifunctional belt with three pockets.

The OSLP belt fits your waist nicely. It is a bit wider and thus higher, thanks to which you will feel even more comfortable than so far. It doesn’t compress or constrict movements. The belt is made from a thin, yet durable Flexible Slim material which combines gentleness with practicality – it breathes well and wicks away the moisture.
It has got three hidden pockets: two in the side section and one in the front. They will hold necessities for the time of training - a phone, energy gel, or tissues. The elastic material stabilizes the pocket contents.

-OSLZ slimming belt with two zippered pockets.

The high slimming OSLZ belt whose job is to keep control of your silhouette. It masks your silhouette’s flaws, it shapes your abdomen and the waist areas. It makes you look slenderer, emphasizes the feminine shapes fully keeping your comfortability. It does not compress and doesn’t constrict movements.

The multifunctional and very wide belt has two side zippered pockets, along its entire length. They are roomy and will hold all the necessary accessories: a large phone, keys, energy gels or tissues. The elastic material stabilizes the items in place, and zips provide quick access to the entire contents and protect the small items from slipping out.


The Premium version leggings are a product sewn from the high-quality material Flexible Ultra 4K. It behaves like a second skin, it is delicate, pleasant to the touch and skin-friendly. He interacts with the body, adapting to the figure. It acts like the second skin, stretches in four directions, masks imperfections of the figure and emphasizes feminine shapes. Leggings do not roll. They offer freedom and full convenience. The technical cut prevents them from sliding down. They always remain in their place during the activity. You do not have to pull them up, they stick to the body all the time.
They are not see-through when doing bends or stepping forward. They use flat and flexible, and at the same time durable and strong seams that do not irritate or rip but work together with the material.

Breathability comfort

Flexible Ultra 4K is characterized with high breathability parameters. The materials wicks away and enables the transportation of moisture to the outside which keeps great feeling of comfort when doing physical activities. It protects against wind. Additionally, it dries very quickly and is resistant to wearing down. It doesn’t lose colours in washing and in the exposure to sun even in the long-term use. It is safe for the skin.

4K high quality print and original patterns with the 3D effect.

The leggings have got a detailed finish-off. 4K print technology with which they were made allows achieving such 3D patterns. Thanks to that they look like a painting, its colours are expressive and extremely close to the realistic colours and shades.

Premium leggings - original patterns.
-Crocuses - a hand-painted pattern.
-Cornflowers and bumblebees - referring to the national protection plan of the bumblebees.
-Coral reef – reminiscing memories and encouraging to travel.
The leggings prove that sport and fashion can go hand in hand. You can stand out in the crowd wearing them.

Reflective elements

Taking care of your safety, the leggings were equipped with reflectives – in the front on the left thigh in the form of our logo, and on the calves in the back in the form of horizontal row of dots. Their place was chosen according to the principle of greater visibility, so that your moving parts of the body send a variable signal to the drivers on your evening training route.

Aztec 3D - is in many respects a treasury full of ideas, customs, and undiscovered secrets. The Aztecs are portrayed as the chosen nation, and the foundation of their power were three features - inexhaustible strength, courage, and endurance. Aztec beliefs were closely associated with and subjected to the cycle of nature. The processes of creation and destruction intertwined. Such a relationship with the surrounding world influenced the precision they approached each step.

Aztec power was described in symmetry and geometry. Determined and elusive at the same time. Aztec 3D pattern brings together all the spirit hidden in the past. They are symbols from which energy of bravery, determination, and steadfastness flows. Intriguing, with intense colours. Every detail of the pattern has its hidden meaning here.

* The model in the photo is 172 cm tall and is wearing leggings size S-M.



Flexible Fit

- it is extremely flexible: it extends in four directions, which ensures a perfect fit to each figure,

- breathes well,

- wicks moisture away from the surface of the skin to the outer layers,

- dries quickly,

- it is very delicate and pleasant to touch.

The material behaves like a second skin: it is delicate, flexible and breathable.

The fabric extends in four directions, which ensures a perfect fit to any figure.

The delicate and skin-friendly material does not cause irritation and abrasions.

The material breathes well, so that the sweat is quickly evaporated outside and the fabric stays dry.

The material does not lose colors in the wash and under the influence of sunlight, so that clothing looks like new for a long time.

Composition: 86% polyester, 14% elastane.


  Height 150 - 158 154 - 162 160 - 170 164 - 180 166 - 180
  Waist 60 - 70 64 - 74 68 - 82 74 - 90  78 - 94
  Hips 82 - 96 86 - 100 90 - 104 96 - 110  100 - 116

* The model in the picture is 172 cm tall and wearing S-M leggings.