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Product code- OSTF-11T1

Colour: Multicolour

Gender: Woman


Discover the unique Selva Sand design! Discover the spectacle of wild sounds and colours in the enchanted tropical wilderness. Listen to the trele los cálaos, tucánes y cacatúas! Get energy from the innumerable richness of the jungle and the beauty of its inhabitants. Take shelter from the heat in the shadow of ravenala tree. Maybe with a bit of luck, you will see a wild panther lurking behind the trees.

Selva pattern is the realization of our vision of a primaeval forest, mesmerizing with the richness of fauna and flora. We created the name, enchanted by the beauty of the Amazon, and selva means jungle.

Put on your Selva Sand leggings and let yourself be carried away by the exotic rhythm of the tropics!


We have created our leggings for women who are looking for the perfect solution for fitness/indoor training. Thin, yet durable material is the best choice during intensive workout. A smart cut will make you love doing exercises in these leggings!


We made these leggings from light and airy Resi Slim HD material. It features all the advantages of Resi Fit, but the fabric is thinner than Resi Fit, making it an ideal choice for a powerful workout. These leggings are characterized by high breathability parameters. The fabric wicks moisture away swiftly and facilitates its evaporation. The fabric stretches in four directions, and the leggings fit your body shape as if made to measure. The high waist and wide waistband improve the fitting of the leggings. The fitness waistband narrows slightly upwards so that it stays close to your waist. This keeps the leggings in place all the time, even when bending or doing squats. We have placed a reflective logo on the thigh. The leggings of ¾ length work perfectly during an intense workout.

These details make a difference:

  • ¾ length leggings designed specifically for fitness.
  • 4K print with 3D effect and original design distinguish our leggings.
  • The material does not lose colour when washed or exposed to sunlight.
  • The proper cut makes the leggings stay in place without any squeezing. Flat seams make you forget about abrasions.
  • We use the top threads used in aviation - a strength you can trust.
  • What is important during workout, the material wicks moisture away and makes it easier to evaporate so the material dries quickly.
  • Reflective logo (at the front of the thigh).
  • Delicate, pleasant to the touch and skin-friendly fabric.

The leggings were manufactured for You in Poland.

*The model in the picture is 172 cm tall and wearing S/M size leggings.



Flexible Fit

- it is extremely flexible: it extends in four directions, which ensures a perfect fit to each figure,
- breathes well,
- wicks moisture away from the surface of the skin to the outer layers,
- dries quickly,
- it is very delicate and pleasant to touch.

The material behaves like a second skin: it is delicate, flexible and breathable.
The fabric extends in four directions, which ensures a perfect fit to any figure.
The delicate and skin-friendly material does not cause irritation and abrasions.
The material breathes well, so that the sweat is quickly evaporated outside an the fabric stays dry.
The material does not lose colors in the wash and under the influence of sunlight, so that clothing looks like new for a long time.

Composition: 86% polyester, 14% elastane.


  Height 150 - 158 154 - 162 160 - 170 164 - 180 166 - 180
  Waist 60 - 70 64 - 74 68 - 82 74 - 90  78 - 94
  Hips 82 - 96 86 - 100 90 - 104 96 - 110  100 - 116

* The model in the picture is 172 cm tall and wearing S-M leggings.