Are you looking for leggings for running, yoga, gym, mountain hiking and do not know which model to choose? Here's a small cheat sheet.

1-Belt (depending on the model varies in height, capacity of pockets and their closing)


• OSLZ HQL- 2 zippered pockets, which are by the way most capacious of all leggings)

• OLYZ: see above

• OSLP- lower belt, with three pockets around the waist

• OSLK- 1 pocket on the back of the leggings

3-Reflective element

4-Elastic Band which is present only in the insulated leggings OLOZ

OSLZ HQL- high quality leggings!

Multifunctional, two-layer and very wide belt also acts as a pocket-box for necessary gear accessories: telephone, energy gel or handkerchiefs. The elastic material stabilizes the objects in place, so that they do not move and do not bother you during the run. Two zip fasteners at the front and back of the belt provide quick, convenient access to all content.

OSLP- multi-functional belt with comfortable pockets!

Leggings have a multi-functional belt with three capacious pockets. Thanks to this, you'll always have the necessary gear accessories on hand: a phone, energy gel or handkerchiefs. The elastic material stabilizes the contents of the pockets, so moving items will not disturb you during the run. Pockets, unlike OSLZ, do not have locks, but the entire contents of the pockets are well protected

OSLK - with a wide waistband!

The model uses flat, elastic seams that do not rub the skin and do not break, but stretch with the material. The high waist and waistband improve the fit of the trousers: leggings will always stay in place, even when doing bends or squats. Leggings also have a reflector on the back of the calf that will increase your visibility and safety during evening workouts.

OLOZ- insulated leggings!

Leggings have a belt, which was used in the OSLZ leggings. What distinguishes this model from other leggings is the material they are sewn from - Flexible Fit Warm. Knitwear insulates from wind and cold, has internal insulation. The legs are finished with a welt, which, depending on the needs, can be turned inside and provide an additional layer of insulated ankle.

Long running leggings for women are ideal for both spring and autumn and winter. To ensure the best running comfort, it is worth paying attention to one thing - the material from which they were made.
Colorful Long Fit leggings made of Elastic Fit will work during transitions. This material breathes very well and is responsible for the transport of moisture from the surface of the skin to the outside. This guarantees a feeling of dryness and freshness as well as maximum comfort during exercise.

Warmed leggings are made of Flexible Fit Warm material. Its outer layer protects against rewinding and isolates from cold, while the inner one is very delicate, it is responsible for quickly draining moisture from the skin's surface and prevents the body from cooling down. Thanks to the insulated, PRO feminine leggings provide thermal comfort and are ideal for the winter.

Colorful women's leggings Nessi is a proposal not only for running, but also for a bike, gym, Zumba or yoga. They are extremely delicate and skin-friendly, and at the same time very durable. All thanks to the seams that stretch with the material, which prevents them from being torn. In combination with an extremely flexible material, this guarantees the freedom of movement that is necessary during exercise. Colorful leggings also have - depending on the model - one or three pockets on the waist. This allows you to hide the key to the locker and other small items necessary during training. The Nessi women's leggings are a real convenience during exercise.

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