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Product code: PR-4

Color: Green apple - Blue

Sex: Woman

For active women

Nessi knee socks were designed for active women who value comfort and at the same time like to stand out during the training. Perfect for sports such as: running, cycling and roller blading, high jump and long jump. The model is made of a delicate and thin polyamide, which is flexible and ensures a perfect fit of the socks to the feet. On the calf and on the foot, breathable zones in the form of 3D meshwork were used. These zones prevent the effect of overheating during the most intense effort and guarantee quick drying of the socks.

Comfort of use

The model has flat seams, thanks to which you can forget about abrasions and chaffing. Special traverses on the instep prevent the feeling of tension. An undoubted advantage of the model is also the elastic band system, which keeps the socks in place, makes them not twist and not roll during movement.

damskie antybakteryjna oddychajacy plaskie szwy wytrzymale szybkoschnaca


They breathe well. The socks are made of polyamide, which provides better ventilation and increases the migration of sweat to the outside the sock. The model had the surface of the breathable mesh that wicks off excess moisture and heat enlarged. Thanks to that the foot does not overheat during intensive summer trainings.

They do not chafe. The sock has got flat seams so as not cause abrasions and scalding.

They are thermoactive.
Thanks to that they maintain the optimal temperature of the foot.

They do not compress. Thanks to the increased elasticity in the insole area they do not create any tension in this sensitive place.

They are durable.
Polyamide is resistant to wearing down and ripping.

Socks do not lose colors
even after repeated washing.

They do not move around the foot.
A special welting system keeps the sock in place and prevents it from twisting and rolling.

They adjust to the shape of the foot.
The socks are thin and flexible, so we do not feel that we have them on our feet.

They dry very quickly.
Their drying time is much shorter than in the cotton socks.



- increases the sweat migration to the outside of the sock,
- breathes very well,
- is characterized by high elasticity,
- is resistant to wearing down and other mechanical factors,
- prevents the growth of bacteria, enzymes and fungi,
- is resistant to the lyes activity ( chemical compounds).

Composition: Polyamide 95%, Gumitex 5%.