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Product code: MKD-10M4

Colour: Multicolour

Sex: Woman

Special tasks jacket. It can be worn all-year-round. It will work for training on cold, windy as well as rainy days. We recommend using it in the autumn/ winter season as the outer layer of your clothing. The best protection effect against cooling off too quickly can be achieved when combined with the thermoactive underwear and a sports' longsleeved shirt.

Nessi's innovations

This jacket was made from Wind Tex material which has got great waterproof, breathability and wind protection parameters. The membrane does not absorb water, as it is built with the technology blocking its percolation from the outside. From the inside, it enables the transportation of moisture to the outside. All in all, what you get is a kind of breathing pendulum moving the air in both directions. It was this correlation of what happens on the inside and outside that became a challenge to create a membrane nearing perfection.

Wind Tex parameters:

• 10 000mm H2O - waterproof capability
• 20 000g H2O /m2 - breathability

You can train and run in it with full comfort, without need to escape a heavy downpour or in fear of getting too cold. The 10000mm H2O membrane provides a total waterproof capability for over 24 hours. On the other hand, 20 000g H2O /m2 breathability is an extremely high parameter to transport sweat to the outside. The jacket provides ideal thermal comfort. It also guarantees protection against the wind and cold. It does not expose you to chill but still offers good ventilation. This solution is perfect for those who love physical activities.

Light and compact

The jacket is unusually light and compact. It fits in its own pocket. You can put it on when going for training or during travelling.


The jacket's design was created for the active people, therefore, it is packed with many conveniences:

• the main zipper is splash-proof (waterproof),
• zipper with a latch (in a downward position it blocks against unzipping), in the upper part it is finished off with a little flap protecting the chin against abrasions,
• regulated hood adjusts it to the shape of your head,
• a high collar protects your neck,
• drawstrings at the bottom and on the sides allow the perfect fit of the jacket to the silhouette,
• the sleeves are finished off with welted cuffs,
• 3 pockets - thanks to which you will always have everything at hand, two of them are on the sides- equipped with a splash-proof zipper and one at the back with a headphone grommet, protecting the equipment and being a nod towards sports' lifestyle.

Reflective Elements

The jacket was equipped with reflective elements: at the front of the chest, at the bottom in the back and on the sleeves. Their positioning was chosen according to the rule of increased visibility so that the moving part of your body gives an alternating signal to the drivers who are on your evening training route.


This jacket will work in autumn or winter. It will also serve well in the spring or summer. It can play out its functions ranging between the seas and high mountains - on cold, windy or rainy days. In our jacket you can do everything and everywhere, meanwhile retaining its quality and durability. Take it with you for a run, on a trip, for a walk or bike, it will perform excellently during mountain climbing or Nordic Walking as well.

Metzli Mosaic
– another variation based on our fundamental pattern. Its continuation throughout all of our collections is a tradition. So, it couldn't be missing this time either.

We reached into the depths of history for the inspiration this time. In the Aztecs' Pantheon Metzli was a God of two faces. His shining bright side was connected with red colour which symbolizes strength and courage. This colour is full of dynamics and action. It certainly warms up the battle spirit. People wearing Metzi Mosaic have a chance to discover the hidden layers of energy and power of gods sleeping within them. One and only condition to be able to do this is honest faith.

Washing instructions-
 how to wash a membrane jacket

The jacket can be washed in the washing machine at a maximum of 40 degrees C. Before washing all pockets should be emptied and zipped up. Wash only with a use of detergents meant for clothing with the membrane. It is recommended to do an empty wash load to make sure that any leftover detergents are washed out.

* The model in the photo is 172 cm and wearing an S size jacket



Comfort in all weather conditions. Our jacket was made from the innovative material Wind Tex, which provides full comfort in the highly demanding physical activities in adverse weather conditions.
Zippers in the jackets were made form a waterproof material (spatterproof) which protects you against getting soaking wet.
It breathes. Material is skin-friendly, on the other hand it is also very technical and safe. What is especially important is that the material breathes and wicks away the sweat to the outside without risking the user getting cold. It guarantees maximum thermal comfort during the intensive training.
Additionally, the material does not lose colors in washing, thanks to which the clothes look brand new for a long time.


Wind Tex


- 10 000mm H2O - waterproof capability,
- 20 000g H2O /m2 – breathability,
- wicks away the moisture,
- doesn't absorb water,
- dries quickly,
- isn't see-through,
- protects the colors,
- is durable,
- non-allergenic

Composition: Polyester 100%.

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