Issen odzież casualowa

we create classics anew!

Issen is a casual wear line created by Nessi Sportswear brand in the spirit of slow fashion & comfortwear. The idea that sets the rhythm of our actions is encapsulated in the slogan "Feel comfort - wear comfort". We do everything so that Issen wear provides the highest degree of comfort in every situation: every day, after training, when traveling. We carefully select materials, develop the best cuts, work out the smallest detail to perfection. We combine premium quality with original design: expressive, unconventional, expressing the joy of exploring the world and admiration for the beauty that nature gives us. At the same time Issen is sustainable fashion - we act with care for nature and respect for people.

Issen odzież casualowa
Issen odzież casualowa
Issen less waste

The idea of Less waste

We believe that every action makes sense. That's why we do everything to reduce our impact on the environment: we choose natural materials, sew in Poland, employ fair suppliers. And that's why we promote the idea of Less waste: we focus on premium quality and timeless style. You can wear items from the Issen line for years, and when you decide it's time for new ones - pass them on to serve the next person. Thanks to the fact that the collections complement each other, you can easily combine new models with those you already have in your closet. 100% cruelty free. 100% comfort wear.

Nature-friendly materials

At Issen, we focus on natural materials, choosing only those from ethical sources. This is our nod to nature.

Bamboo Issen


Delicate, light, velvety to the touch knitted fabric with versatile properties. You can wear it both in summer and winter - it will give you a feeling of wonderful refreshment on a hot day and soothing warmth on a cold one. It is safe for sensitive skin, antibacterial and antifungal. It is produced in an environmentally friendly way - it has OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certificate.

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RoyalCord Issen


Captivatingly soft and velvet-like to the touch, yet durable and resistant to damage. This is classic cable corduroy in a completely new edition. It catches the eye with its texture with a subtle sheen that adds a stylish finish. Thanks to its high grammage, corduroy is the ideal material for the fall-winter season.

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Organic Cotton Issen


Softness, delicacy, durability - it has all the advantages of cotton but at the same time is produced in an environmentally friendly way: on ecological plantations, using natural processes, without artificial aids. It is certified by GOTS and OEKO-TEX® Standard 100.


Merino Issen


Wool from merino sheep, impresses with its softness and pleasant texture. It exhibits high thermoactivity: it gives soothing warmth, but does not cause unpleasant overheating. It does not electrify and does not absorb odors. It will serve you for a long time: it is durable, resistant to dirt and stretching.


Cashmere Wool Issen


This is our proprietary combination of recycled cashmere and merino wool. The result is a knitted fabric that is extremely pleasant to the touch, soft and gentle to the skin, yet durable. It is the best choice for the fall-winter season - it effectively protects against the cold, wrapping you in softness and pleasant warmth.

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Issen odzież casualowa
Detale odzieży Issen

Stylish details
Because it is the details that make up the effect:

  • Washpapa patches, a vegan alternative to leather created from paper and caoutchouc. The material meets the OEKO-TEX® and FSC standards. With the passage of time, it acquires a noble and retro character.
  • Cotton strings - made of natural fabric and finished so that they do not unravel. They perfectly correspond and combine with colors and patterns inspired by nature.
  • Gold aglets, or string finishes - gently shine giving a stylish touch, and emphasize the uniqueness of Issen wear.

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