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Product code: ABL-11T2

Colour: Multicolour

Gender: Unisex


Discover our tropical twilight - Selva Yellow! Get energy from the bustling jungle and set off on a journey into the fairytale world. Listen to the singing los cálaos, tucánes y cacatúas! Touch the leaves of ravenala tree and alocasia plant, that took on greyish tone in the evening light. Somewhere in the thicket, a yellow panther lurks to jump, or maybe it's just imagination.

Selva pattern is the realization of our vision of a primaeval forest, mesmerizing with the richness of fauna and flora. We created the name, enchanted by the beauty of the Amazon, and selva means jungle.

Pick the Selva Yellow breathable neck warmer to feel part and parcel of the natural world!



We’ve created the product that will work whenever you need to cover your neck or head. Thanks to the material used, our neck warmer will meet your needs – you can protect your neck from adverse weather conditions or use it as a headband. Our breathable neck warmer is light and handy.



The neck warmer was made from Flexible Fit Slim material that is airy and delicate, but also durable. It is characterized by good breathability. It stretches four directions for the best fitting. The neck warmer will work perfectly during the spring and summer workout.


These details make a difference:

  •        the abrasion-resistant material does not lose colour in washing or under the influence of sunlight;
  •        we use top quality threads that are also used in aviation – that is kind of durability you can trust;
  •        the neck warmer is equipped with reflective logo;
  •        skin-friendly material.


The neck warmer was manufactured for You in Poland.


Delicate material. Thanks to Slim Fit material the neck warmer provides highest level of comfort. It is perfect protection with excellent breathability parameters.

It protects you from the cold and wind which in turn relates to keeping the optimal temperature.

Its structure does not absorb moisture, but collects it from the skin's surface and transports it to the outside, which is how you will be able to avoid over sweating or overheating.

Flat seams. Nice, soft and elastic material cooperates with the body and by the means of flat seams it does not cause abrasions during the trainings.

It doesn't lose colours. Slim Fit reflects UV radiation, which means that the colours don't fade in the sun, what is more - it protects the front and the back of your neck.


Flexible Slim

The improved version of the Flexible Fit material: exceptionally delicate, thin with better breathability parameters.
The material behaves like the second skin: it is elastic and it stretches in fur directions, which provides perfect alignment to every silhouette.
Thanks to its very good breathability the sweat is quickly transported to the outside and the material stays dry. It is characterised by the unusual delicateness and it is skin-friendly and doesn't cause abrasions or irritate the skin.
The material doesn't lose colours in washing or in the sun, and so the clothes look like new for a long time.

Composition: 82% polyester, 18% elastane.
Weight: 190 g/m2