Last autumn and winter we took you to a distant land of magic. In our Japan, you will see fauna and flora from a dream, you will step on running paths among flowers, you will be mesmerized by the sound of waves. Let yourself be carried away by Harmony!


The mystery of Harmony

Imagine an orange ball of the rising sun, illuminating the waves crashing on the shore. Somewhere above the surface of the water, you can hear the scream of cranes rising to flight and in the distance you can see an amazing bamboo grove. You will get to know its mysteries as soon as you run out from under the huge umbrella of wisteria flowers. You will find all these elements on the patterns of our collection FW 21/22 – Harmony.



This time we were inspired by the culture of Japan. We have rediscovered it by passing familiar symbols through the filter of imagination and reflecting them on our patterns. Japanese fauna is represented by cranes, koi and tigers, but we also wink at you - you will spot a Polish lynx on the Mosaic. We would not be ourselves if we had not also introduced you to the richness of flora: a bamboo grove, umbrellas of wisteria flowers, orange poppies and blue irises, bamboo reeds... We let ourselves be carried away by the beauty of nature. Another characteristic of last year's collection is the waves motif, much appreciated by Japanese. We hope you will like it as well!


The idea for Harmony collection

The idea of creating a collection based on Japanese motifs arose during the pandemic. We all then experienced the feeling of being locked inside four walls without the possibility to travel and meet other people. Lockdown was a great opportunity to get to know the art and culture of the cherry blossom country.

The time we spent searching resulted in patterns full of colors, containing elements characteristic of this country. Japan is a place so distant and culturally interesting that it constitutes a kind of mystery and arouses the desire to "discover". The dream of travelling to Japan we have poured onto the patterns of the new collection to share our passion with you once again. We plan to see Japan live someday and for now, we are presenting you our vision referring to the exotic nature of this island.


Photo session in Iceland

The choice of Iceland as a photo session location is not accidental. It is an amazing island full of volcanoes, black sand, greenery and blue water. Although Iceland is far away from Japan, their landscapes are sometimes very similar.
With its charm and mystery, Iceland arouses a desire to discover and constitutes the perfect background for our designs. Both islands are wild, untamed nature. We like challenges and discovering new places, so we decided to bring you closer to Iceland, its treasures and at the same time to test our clothes in extreme conditions. Such tests are always uncertainty, but their results exceeded our expectations! Therefore, we are happy to invite you to get acquainted with Harmony! We especially recommend Vetur Guard - a shield against the cold. It is a surprising knitted fabric - warm but thin and light. Revelation!



Harmony is our search for balance and peace. We look with detachment at what is happening around us in order to find balance. Peace of mind after the storm is everything - we want to find it!

With the help of patterns we move together to Japan. We want to awaken in you admiration for what has been created in our imagination. The landscapes, which you can see on our photos, harmonize with the patterns, giving you tranquility and joy of communing with wild nature. Move with us to lands full of colors and elements!

Check which Harmony pattern is made for you! You can find products from the FW21/22 collection below: