The model in the first photo is wearing gloves size S.
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    Gloves thanks to which you will take care of your hands during autumn and winter trainings! Made from the innovative Vetur Guard material. They have a cuff to better retain the warmth. Smart Touch System on the thumb and pointing finger. The Poppy pattern are the enchanting running paths of Japan.


    ● Colour: blue and orange
    ● Material: Vetur Guard
    ● Substance: 220 g/m2


    Our gloves are made from an innovative fabric Vetur Guard. This material was created based on our experience with the supporting secrets of our sports fabric producer.
    Vetur Guard has very high thermoactive parameters and properly small substance. This is highly desired combination of features in our assortment of autumn and winter fabrics means that the clothing made from this fabric you will be warm and comfy. What is characteristic for the autumn and winter fabric is that it is the thinnest one in this season yet at the same time it makes effective protection against the cold and freezing temperatures. All that thanks to innovative two-layered construction; on the inside there is a nice fuzz, on the outside - a layer inspired by the structure of the honeycomb. The inside layer's task is to insulate and the outside one – raising its durability, resistance to degradation and increasing its elasticity.
    Vetur Guard gloves will protect your hands. Use your shield to fight the penetrating cold and freezing temperatures. This fabric will work during a running training, but also in winter swimming or ice-skating, in the mountains, Nordic walking or a walk. The gloves are a Polish product.


    ● You can easily use the phone. The essential element that has a great influence when using them is the Smart Touch system. On the thumb and your pointing finger we placed a special material thanks to which you can use your phone while wearing the gloves. Checking your route, changing the tune, quick selfie - nothing simpler.
    ● Our gloves are surprisingly light yet at the same time the create the barrier for the cold. Vetur Guard is the innovative fabric which we used to make them. It keeps balance between properly small substance and exemplary thermoactivity.
    ● The gloves will retain the original shape for a long time. When in use they adjust to the shape of your hand. It happens so thanks to the special structure of the outer layer. The structure inspired by the honeycomb structure which enables the material to work four-ways, giving in to be stretched and later going back to the original shape.
    ● The gloves will last longer because the outer layer gives extra protection against degradation.
    ● The inside of the gloves is nice to touch and isolates your hands from the cold. This is so because of the nice fuzz; it was created in the combing process and it helps keep and optimize the temperature during a physical activity.
    ● The gloves have cleats – thanks to that you will easily pair them up and store.
    ● The gloves have cuffs which help keep the warmth better.
    ● On the cuffs we embroidered a decorative logo.


    Ready for the training? In front of us are the running paths of magical Japan, let's go! The tufts of colorful poppies and irises grow under our feet. The orange rays of the sun dance on the water, creating a sparkling spectacle. Today the ocean is calm but everything can change in the blink of an eye. The thought of the power of water and the force of waves propels you to act.


    ● 79% polyester
    ● 15% polyamide
    ● 6% elastane


    ● Gloves Pro can be washed in a washer set for max 40 degrees.
    ● Before putting it in the washer you should make sure there are no clothes with Velcro with sharp edges etc. which could lead to mechanical damages to the leggings.
    ● We recommend washing the gloves in sports’ clothes detergents. That guarantees the product’s great longevity

    *The model in this photo is 175 cm tall and is wearing gloves size S.

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