Price: 4,25€



 Product code: GG-1

Color: Black and white

Sex: Unisex


- Modern design,
- Long roll-up cuff,
- Flat seams that do not cause abrasions,
- Lack of a classic foot (high universality),
- Elastic band keeps the socks in the optimal place.
Maintaining the perfect temperature in every situation is the key to comfort. Products made from Prolen can maintain the ideal temperature in contact with the skin. Prolen has the lowest conductivity of all fibers and provides thermal comfort in all weather conditions due to its extraordinary insulating power.
Products made of Prolen fibers are an innovative solution, eliminating the unpleasant feeling of sweat. Prolen water absorption rate is close to zero (only 0.01% at 65% air humidity and 20°C temperature). Prolen transports moisture outside or into another yarn absorbent, from which it gradually evaporates. Prolen’s direct contact with the skin eliminates sweating, leaves the skin dry and odorless and provides excellent balance between temperature and humidity, even in the most extreme conditions. Proper air flow through the unbound skin capillaries creates an optimal microclimate between the skin and socks. Thanks to the wick's effect, Prolen transfers moisture from the body surface to another absorbing layer and gradually transports it to the air.


- Zapewniają komfort termiczny w każdych warunkach;

- Odprowadzają wilgoć za zewnątrz;

- Stymulują pracę mięśni podczas aktywności fizycznej;

- Niska absorpcja H2O zapewnia szybkie odprowadzanie wilgoci i nadmiaru ciepła na zewnątrz.




Composition: Polyester (Prolen) 80%, Elastane 15%, Gumitex 5%.