Intensive sports training does not exclude the elegance combined with practical functionality. For all women who want to combine all these features, Nessi has prepared products such as sports underwear. Women's panties offered within this product line are breathable thermoactive pants made of modern materials, such as Amet Fiber yarn, with exceptional delicacy comfortable to wear, especially during intense training, when each, even the smallest discomfort can affect the results. It is also for the full comfort of runners or admirers of other intense sports fields, thermoactive running pants are made in seamless technology, so they are almost imperceptible during use. Women's thermoactive pants are also a material that wicks moisture away, which allows you to avoid chafes or painful abrasions, sometimes preventing the full intensity of training. Athletic women's breathable panties were also made in the Hygiene Flow system to prevent the formation of unpleasant odors caused by bacteria appearing in traditional underwear. This is why not only people who love intense workouts focus on products such as sports underwear. Briefs of this type are simply comfortable in everyday wear, extremely durable, not susceptible to deformation or loss of color in the wash, and therefore they are extremely successful products that can be used for longer, not only as sports. The classic cut of the figs and the comfort of wearing them is definitely a successful combination for everyone who appreciates the advantages of carefully sewn and finished clothing items. Women's sports briefs, type panties, is another of the Nessi sports proposals that also work well as everyday clothes and accessories in a casual-sport style. From the beginning of its activity on the sportswear market, the Nessi company set itself the goal of creating clothing not only fully functional for athletes requiring specific products for intense workouts, but also eye-catching uniquely successful typefaces, fancy patterns drawn from pop culture or intense colors in spite of often prevailing in Poland, the aura of autumn depression and rainy plush. Based on the assumption that together with physical activity bold colors can affect the state of well-being of customers, Nessi offers them since 2008 clothes and accessories that are not only ideal for running routes and other activities, but also for everyday use during wandering around the city or elsewhere.

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