Feeria is euphoric spring collection by Nessi, full of good energy and fresh colors! It is an invitation to face the world and to renew relationships with others and with oneself. 



It symbolizes the joy of interpersonal bonds, conversations and closeness. It is full of electrifying colors and original patterns. It is pure joy of life and taking full advantage of positive vibrations of colors and nature that surrounds us. It is a return to activity, to joint training, running, swimming, fitness. To being together: with friends, family, outdoors, on the beach, on a walk, on vacation. It is a joint dinner at a restaurant, a coffee with a friend. Feeria is everything that makes you happy!



Take a closer look at the world around you and appreciate every detail - from a delicate butterfly to rough ocean waves! Go on forest training to find the mysterious Wild flowers meadow. Swim in  endless Blue Ocean and fulfill your dreams as a real explorer. Dive into the mysterious depths of Green Mystery, where you will learn about undiscovered flora and fauna. Nurture Mosaic Natura spring garden, delighting with multi-colored flowers and finding your balance.
Once you get satiated with the beauty of spring nature, it is time to take advantage of what the city can offer you. Visit Gamo in all its hues to get lost among glass skyscrapers and stroll through a luscious green park. All these places are filled with colors that you have not even dreamed of before! The entire Spectrum of white, red, green and blue, shimmering in the sun Shiny, phenomenal Mirage and surprising Karbon are waiting for you to get to know them better.
With Feeria everything is possible! Let us act here and now! Will you be delighted together with me? Let's do more, let's explore the world! Spring is an awakening!

Do you feel like getting to know patterns and colors of Feeria? Below you will find products from our SS21 collection!