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Product code: 13Z-P

Color: Orange-Green

Sex: Women

For volleyball players and more

Knee volleyball is a proposal not only for volleyball enthusiasts, but also for fitness or dancing. They were made of delicate and durable cotton, which provides comfort of use. In the socks, jacquard inserts were also used, thanks to which the heat is more effectively discharged to the outside.

Durable and delicate

Nessi knee socks provide comfort and safety while practicing sports. They are delicate and thin, they breathe well and do not cause abrasions. The elastic band system used in them makes the socks not to twist or roll. The model is available in several color versions.



They are universal. Ideally suited not only to volleyball training, but also for fitness or dance classes.

They are delicate and light. They were made of high-quality Bio-Cotton combed cotton, which is thin and nice to the touch.

Provide thermal comfort. All thanks to the sewn-in jacquard gussets.

They do not roll up because they have a long, pressure-free elastic band, which does not lose its properties even after repeated washing.

They do not twist on the foot. The foot was equipped with an elastic band system and a 3-layer terry.

They breathe well. Their instep was made of tubules allowing the feet to breathe freely. This protect against abrasions and chafing.



Composition: Cotton 80%, Elastane (Lycra) 15%, Gumitex 5%.