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Product code: K-1

Color: White and blue

Sex: Unisex

Sock Model 2017/18

Compression socks model 2017 received an improved new lighter foot, making its use even more comfortable. We have also introduced new ranges of foot length for a better fit of the sock by the user.

They improve blood circulation and prevent acidification of muscles

The Nessi compression sock is the latest technological achievement, not only because of the material used, but also  because of the structure of the whole sock. Specially designed knee sock makes the veins and artery with increased effort are properly pressed, so that the blood can circulate freely and deliver oxygen to the muscles, while preventing their acidification. The funnel-like system pushes excess blood from the muscles and prevents the veins from narrowing. That is why the sock is also worth using after the exercise.

They cushion the foot and drain the sweat

The sock uses a spiral structure, which means that the increased pressure goes from the foot up the calf. The sock is divided into 2 zones: the first one, on the calf, has a unique sewing system providing better breathability, the second, in the front part, creates special pressure, increasing blood flow. The model is made of thermoactive knitwear, which wicks excess sweat away and provides optimal temperature for muscle work. Additional benefits of the sock are that they prevent the growth of bacteria and provide cushioning.

The first level of compression

The first level of compression, pressure at 10-21 mmHg. Recommended compression for health prophylaxis and regeneration. A consultation with a specialist is recommended with changes in the veins are present.


They are thermoactive. The socks remove excess sweat from the skin's surface to the outer layers, providing optimal temperature for muscle work,

They prevent the growth of bacteria. In the foot of the sock, antibacterial yarn was used, which prevents the propagation of bacteria and fungi and the formation of unpleasant odors.

They protect the Achilles tendon thanks to the additional strengthening of the foot.

Cushion. The socks have a contoured foot that dampens the vibrations generated during activity.

They provide comfort of wearing. The sock practically does not feel on the leg, and the high quality material prevents the effect of the foot tension and does not cause itching sensation.


- increases the migration of sweat outside the sock,

- breathes very well,
- is characterized by high flexibility,
- it is resistant to abrasion and other mechanical factors,
- prevents the growth of bacteria, enzymes and molds,
- it is resistant to alkalis (chemical compounds).

Polyamide 40%, Spandex 30%, Gumitex 30%.

Compression 2017/18

The size of the foot

35 - 37

38 - 41

42 - 46

Calf circumference [cm]*







 The size of the sock **







* When choosing a sock, follow the calf circuit first. Before we choose the size, we measure the circumference of the calf at rest at its widest point. It is only in the next step that we adjust the sock to the size of the foot.

 ** Note the new size of compression socks.