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Product CodeNA-1VK

Color: Multicolor

Sex: Woman


A woman, a runner, a mother, a friend, a wife... a lover, every face requires a suitable package and here comes the stylish bomber jacket to the rescue. The word universal is true, however we prefer to call it multitasking. It will work ideally both on a travelling trip ass well as every day - too work, for a walk, on shopping, in a meeting or on a date. You can proudly wear it before or after the race, it will also work perfectly when leaving the gym.

Full of femininity

What is so unusual in this bomber is its comfort meeting with elegance. It combines a little bit of a rebellious, street fashion of the 80s last century , with the sports' comfort. The old school character with a modern and unique pattern. Such a combination has resulted in one of its kind effect: eye-catching, elegant, feminine, emphasizing originality and charisma.


The jacket has got a classic cut, a collar but not a stand up one, and on the inside it has got a sown-in spacer mesh. There are two pockets and a piece to hang it on the clothes' hanger. The zipper, which we have used is enhanced with a click function (a blockage against the undoing of the sipper on its own).


The combination of white, pale violet and sunny yellow is the quintessence of energy and freshness. All this set against the Nessi galaxy background pattern - symbols and landmarks of our brand: the cat, owl, and mosaic. Hand painted and transported onto the material flowers improve your mood and have regenerative powers – not only during the training!

* The model in the photo i 172cm tall and wearing a jacket size S.



Cubic Guard

Thermal comfort. The blouse was made from Cubic Guard which has lattice structure. It enables full protection from the wind and cold, and so guaranteeing full thermal comfort. It is called the breakwater for a reason.

Windproof and breathable. On the other hand, the knitwear wicks away the sweat, moisture and excess heat to the outside, preventing overheating or getting cold effect. Being Windproof and breathable are certainly best features of this product

Gentle knitwear. Its technical features - its durability beats its performance - a nice to touch material, which is exceptionally woman-skin friendly.

Durability. Additional Cubic Guard valor is the strength and elasticity of its fibers which don't lose their properties even after intensive use.

The colours dont'fade. The material is resistant to the UV exposure.

Non-allergenic. The material doesn't cause any abrasions and is a hostile environment for the fungi and bacteria to grow.


- has lattice structure,

- skin friendly,

- insulates well from the wind and cold,

- breathes well,

- is windproof,

- guarantees thermal comfort,

- wicks away moisture and heat,

- protects the body against overheating,

- protects the body against the cold,

- dries quickly,

- preserves colours,

- is non-allergenic.

Polyester 100%.

Weight: 210g /m2

Women's bomber jacket

Size XS S M L XL
Height 158 - 164 160 - 164 165 - 170 171 - 178 174 - 180
Bust 78 - 86 86 - 92 92 - 98 98 - 106 106 - 112
58 - 63 61 - 66 67 - 72 73 - 80 78 - 83
Sleeve length 56 58 60 62 64
The length of the sweatshirt 62 64 66 68 70