In the case of outdoor sports, such as running, there is no bad weather, only the wrong clothing. In Nessi, we dress runners from head to toe and for every season. Our offer includes colorful women's leggings, men's trousers, windbreakers, warm sweatshirts, headbands, hats, gloves, tops and socks. Active women loved Nessi primarily for unique running leggings. We make them from the Flexible Fit material, which behaves like a second skin: it is extremely flexible and very delicate. Thanks to this, our women's leggings are perfectly matched to the figure and at the same time do not restrict movement. The Nessi sports leggings breathe and transport the sweat generated during exercise to the outer layers of the material. This translates into comfort while practicing sports. Thanks to the use of flexible and flat seams, our running leggings do not cause abrasions and are very skin-friendly. Runners also appreciate them for functional solutions, such as reflective elements and pockets. In the OSLK model, we introduced one small pocket at the back of the belt. There will be keys or small drinks in it. The colorful OSLP leggings feature a multi-functional belt with three capacious pockets. Thanks to this, every woman can take with her all the essentials, including smartphones and energy gels, for training. In Nessi, we care not only for the comfort and safety of runners, but also for them to look beautiful and feel good in their training outfit. That's why our leggings combine the highest quality with a unique design. Bold colors and unique design attract attention and let them stand out from the crowd. Our latest proposal - women's 3D leggings - also help to hide the defects of the silhouette and emphasize its strengths.

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