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Colour: red

Material: Brisk 3D Ultra

Fabric weight: 135 g/m2


A professional baseball cap that is invaluable during outdoor training on hot days. Its key features include protection from the sun and moisture transport to keep sweat out of your eyes. It offers excellent breathability and UV protection. The top does not get hot. Adjustable closure.


Get up and fight - for a better you, for the next kilometre! Red is the fastest colour in the world, it energizes and brings power. It is an expression of your passion, but it also has a second, gentle nature: love. Shout out to the world that you are in love with sport! We combined the colour with our Mirage effect, which brings out the power of red.


  • The peak is a crucial part of the design. Often associated with protecting your eyes and delicate facial skin from the sun, it also serves another important function. It absorbs moisture so that sweat does not drip into your eyes or down your forehead during activity.
  • During very long and intense workouts, you can combine the cap with an AOL headband - sweat does not stand a chance.
  • This model features a high, soft crown. The panel construction offers a great profile. The peak is slightly rounded, padded with four stitches.
  • Adjustable circumference in the form of a strap at the back. This allows you to fit the cap to your head. The strap can be conveniently hidden in a casing inside the cap so that nothing distracts you during your workout. The strap is attached to an elastic band preventing pressure on your head. Even during an intensive workout, you will not feel the cap sticking to your head.
  • One size for all. Suitable for a head circumference of 55 to 67 cm.
  • Flatlock seams to avoid chafing and scalp irritation.
  • Reflective element on the front to improve your safety during training.


The ACT cap uses all the qualities of the innovative Brisk 3D Ultra fabric. It provides excellent breathability. The unique construction of the material works like a wick, removing moisture from the skin then distributing it on the cap's surface. When air enters the fabric structure, the moisture is carried away to the outer layer and dries quickly. The distinctive microfibre structure provides excellent breathability and lightness. All this makes Brisk 3D Ultra a natural choice for professionals and sports enthusiasts. The material is also resistant to abrasion while the colours remain saturated even after washing and training in the sun. Our cap is perfect for many activities: running, cycling, playing volleyball or tennis. It will also perfectly complement your urban styling, and make a great choice while travelling. Remember to protect your head and drink plenty of water in hot weather! The baseball cap was manufactured for you in Poland.

Composition: 100% polyester


  1. The cap can be washed in a washing machine at a temperature of 40 degrees maximum.
  2. Use a sportswear washing programme.