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Product code: ACI-24


Colour: Multicolour

Gender: Unisex


Our hat will provide protection on cold days - it will protect your sinuses and ears from chill. This is a two-in-one product - you can wear it on both sides! Choose your favourite colour and pattern to match your style.


Our hat is made of delicate, pleasant to the touch and warm Interlock material, which is perfect for cold and frosty days, at low temperatures. The fitting fit improves thermal comfort. We made the stabilizing strap from Cubic Guard material. Its unique grid structure shield and insulates against unfavourable weather conditions. It also prevents the hat from slipping off and provides additional protection for your ears and sinuses. The slouchy cut let you roll up the stabilizing strap for extra protection against the cold. We have equipped the hat with reflective elements on both sides, which is very important in the autumn-winter period when the days are getting shorter, the sun rises late and sets early. Cross-country skiing, walking or ice swimming - our hat will work everywhere!

Size: ONE SIZE - Head circumference 46 to 58 cm.

These details make a difference:

  • Two products in one - choose the right colour and pattern for your styling.
  • Colours do not fade after washing or when exposed to sunlight.
  • Soft and pleasant to the touch.
  • It isolates from adverse weather conditions.
  • Stabilizing strap for best ear and sinus protection.
  • We want you to be safe, which is why we have equipped the hat with reflective elements. Their place was chosen according to the principle of greater visibility, so that the moving part of the body gives a variable signal to drivers on the training route.

Our beanie hat was manufactured for You in Poland.



The hat is made of soft, pleasant to the touch and warm Interlook material. It is flexible, skin-friendly, does not cause irritation and abrasions.
The fitted cut increases thermal safety. Provides additional ear and sinus protection.
Does not slip. The material from which the hat is made is very flexible and extends in four directions.
They provide visibility and thus improve the level of safety. Reflective elements are placed on the left and right sides.
The material does not lose color. It does not fade in washing and under the influence of sunlight, thanks to which the clothes look like new for a long time.
The knitwear is very durable. Abrasion and tear resistant. It is characterized by additional stretch.
Universal. The cap is ideal for wearing during various forms of activity. The small size means that you can take it anywhere.


- flexible,
- isolates from wind and cold,
- nice to touch,
- breathes well,
- wicks away moisture,
- durable,
- dries quickly,
- does not rub during training,
- does not lose colors,
- has internal insulation.

Composition: 80% poliester, 20% elastan.

Weight: 190g/m2