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Colour: Multicolour

Gender: Unisex


Experience a new look at our ecosystem. The Krado Purple pattern is a geometric composition of autumn colours. Imagine training in the afternoon sun, which illuminates a tremendous heath. The flowers all the way down to the horizon shimmer in all shades of purple. In the distance you can see a patch of green, which contrasts strongly with the surroundings. You run into a pine forest, enjoying the lush colours and soothing scent. The first snow is starting to fall... Nature is our inspiration and the search for new paths took us to the edge of the geometric heath. We have arranged the sunny, autumnal colours into a clear, unusual pattern.

Put on Krado Purple cap and release the autumn power!


Our cap distinguishes its high, soft crown. Thanks to its panel structure it is very well shaped. It has a slightly rounded, stiffened peak with four stitches and embroidered eyelets. The material used does not lose its colour and does not fade when exposed to sunlight, so that you can enjoy long-term use. We used flat and flexible, yet strong seams which do not cause abrasions. The cap has an adjustable circumference - at the back you will find a strap with buckle fastener. This allows you to adjust the cap to fit your head. Remember to protect your sinuses from chill!

Size: One Size - the head circumference is 55 to 67 cm.


The autumn version of our cap is a combination of two innovative materials: Wind Tex and Brisk Ultra 3D! On the outside, we used the Wind Tex membrane - you will also find it in our waterproof jackets. It has got great water resistance (10,000 mm H2O) and breathability (20,000 g H2O /m2) parameters. It will also protect you from the wind. The membrane does not absorb water because it is built in a technology that blocks its permeation from outside. The inside of the cap is lined with soft Brisk 3D Ultra fabric. Its most important task is to wick moisture away from your skin instantly. Thanks to the characteristic weave of fibres, moisture spreads ultra-fast through the fabric while the air gets into the 3D structure. You can enjoy a comfortable workout without worrying about excess moisture. Thanks to Brisk Ultra 3D features salty sweat will not get into your eyes, you can forget about burning sensation and irritation. Our cap works perfectly during intensive workout, hiking, cycling or travelling.

These details make a difference:

  • The material is resistant to abrasion and does not lose colour when washed or exposed to sunlight.
  • The outer membrane will work well during rainy days.
  • Active support: It protects your eyes from sweat.
  • The proper cut allows you to adjust the cap to your needs.
  • We use aircraft top threads - it is a durability you can trust.
  • It is perfect complement to your everyday look.
  • The fabric is pleasant to the touch and skin-friendly.

The cap was manufactured for You in Poland.


The cap was made of an innovative Wind Tex material, which gives it full in adverse weather conditions.
Breathing. The material is skin friendly. What is extremely important, the fabric breathes and quickly evaporates sweat to the outside, which guarantees maximum thermal comfort.
In addition, the material does not lose color in the laundry, thanks to which the clothes look like new for a long time.


Wind Tex


- 10,000mm H2O - water resistance,
- 20,000g H2O / m2 - breathability,
- skin friendly
- wicks away moisture,
- does not absorb water,
- dries quickly,
- not transparent,
- protects colors,
- it is durable,
- not allergic.

Polyester 100%.