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Product code: NV-12M4

Colour: Multicolour

Gender: Woman



Mosaic is the landmark pattern of each of our collections. The Mosaic Lumo pattern is like a fabulously coloured stained-glass window, shining in the autumn sun. Look through the coloured glass! We have transferred the craft of stained-glass and the uniqueness of this art to our fabrics. Fancy patterns have become three-dimensional thanks to the hand-painted light-leaks. The black frames of modern stained-glass windows bring out the essence of colours and emphasize their vividness. This is also our return to the roots! We created the Mosaic Lumo pattern from four colours - red, yellow, green and blue. It refers to the colours of our first mosaic.

Put on your Mosaic Lumo bomber sweatshirt and see the world in new colours!


We created our bomber sweatshirt for the autumn and winter season. Warm, pleasant to the touch material provides thermal comfort and protect you from cold. The high collar additionally helps to protect your neck and sinuses. This model combines the interesting, streetwear design of the 80s and sporty comfort.


Our bomber sweatshirt with stand-up collar is made of warm Trito material, which will work well in autumn and winter. The three-layer structure of the knitted fabric with an insulating layer in the middle acts like a thermos. It provides a high level of thermoregulation while maintaining warmth between the zones. The air mesh allows for the gradual removal of accumulated heat so you do not have to wear too many layers of clothing. Our bomber sweatshirt has got a high collar to protect your neck against cold. Two side, capacious zippered pockets allow you to store all the little things you need. The sleeves are finished with pressure-free welts that fit the shape of your wrist. Such protection ensures that the optimum temperature is maintained. The full-length zipper includes a latch that prevents the sweatshirt from uncontrolled unfastening. The upper part is finished with a chin guard protecting you from irritation. The hanger allows you to hang it on a hook. The colour of the lining and the zipper match the sweatshirt pattern. Its universal character allows to use it every day - at work, on a walk, while shopping or meeting with friends. It works well during tourist trips, before and after workout.

These details make a difference:

  • The material is resistant to abrasion and does not lose colour when washed or exposed to sunlight.
  • High collar to cover your neck on cold days.
  • The material acts like a thermos - ideal for autumn and winter.
  • Two side, capacious zipped pockets.
  • Sleeves finished with pressure-free welts.
  • Zip with a latch - unzipping lock, chin guard.
  • We want you to be safe, which is why the sweatshirt has a reflective logo on the chest. Its place has been chosen according to the principle of greater visibility, so that the moving part of the body gives a variable signal to the drivers.
  • Pleasant to the touch and skin-friendly material.

The bomber sweatshirt with high collar was manufactured for You in Poland.

* The model in the picture is 172 cm tall and wearing an S size bomber sweatshirt.


Bomber jacket long was made from Vancover material, which provides high standard of thermo-regulation. Its layered structure with the insulatory layer inside works as an isolator. It stands as a barier in contact with the chill, cold and the freeze protecting you at the same time from cooling too quickly.
It breathes. It makes it possible for the body to breather freely thanks to that it doesn't overheat.
Thermal safety. The meshwork net makes the gradual wicking away of the collected heat possible and so guaranteeing the thermal safety. Such an action allows you to use fewer layers of clothing to put under the bomber.
Material doesn't lose colors. It doesn't fade in the washing or in the sunshine thanks to which the clothing looks new for a long time.
The material is highly durable. It is resistant to wearing down or rippin. It is characterised by extra stretchiness.


- isolator,
- provides thermo-regulation,
- delicate,
- nice to touch,
- breathes well,
- durable,
- elastic,
- protects colors,
- doesn't pill in the washing.

Composition: 85% polyester, 15% elastomer.

Weight: 260g/m2

Bomberka NV

Bomberka, wymiary podane w cm :

Rozmiar [cm]
Szerokość od pachy do pachy (A)
44 46 48 50 52
Szerokość dołu bomberki (B) 41 42 44 46 48
Długość całkowita mierzona po zamku (C)
53 53 54 55 56
Długość rękawa mierzona od pachy razem z mankietem (D)
52 52 52 53 54