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Product code: NVKD-9G90

Colour: Black

Sex: Woman


A warm bomber jacket with a hood. It is meant for the autumn-winter season. It provides thermal comfort and protects against cooling off with the aid of the modern Vancover material. The fabric's universal character makes it possible to use this jacket in everyday life- at work, on a walk, when shopping, meeting with friends. It works out for touristic trips, before and after the training. It combines the intriguing, street design with the sports' comfortability. It catches your eye, is the modern woman's personification- full of energy, charisma, ambition, and independence.


• The jacket has got a cord regulated hood which can be adjusted to the head shape. It protects the neck and head against cold gusts of wind. 

• The jacket was lengthened below the buttocks line thanks to which it protects the kidneys and the loins.

• At the bottom and on both sides there are cord stoppers that allow perfect fitting of the jacket to the figure.

• In the front, there are two side capacious zippered pockets.

• The sleeves are finished off with Interlock Fleece cuffs with the non-compressing welting making the best fit to the shape of your wrist and hand. Such protection helps keep optimum temperature.

• The full-length sewn-in zipper has got a special latch which acts as a blockade and prevents the unzipping of the jacket.

• It has got hanging up loop for putting it up on a hook and a reflective element in the form of our logo.

Protection against cold

The bomber jacket was made of the most modern technology's materials when used in the appropriate places, enhance the quality of use. It was made of warm, elastic and mellow Vancover material, which provides a high level of thermoregulation. The layered structure of the fabric acts as an isolating layer. It stands as a barrier against chill, cold and frost letting your skin breathe at the same time. On the inside, the jacket was finished off with the Galaxy pattern lining. The spacer mesh fabric wicks the heat gradually providing thermal safety. It also enables you to use fewer layers of the clothing worn underneath. The jacket doesn't lose colours in washing and doesn't fade in the sun even after long-term use. It is of the highest quality, is durable and maintains its shape. It uses flat, flexible and at the same time durable and strong seams that do not rub and do not crack but work together with the material.


Choosing Nessi Sportswear you become part of a big and great galaxy! Nessi is not just sports' clothing! It's a lifestyle and colour accompanying you every day! Finally, all the symbols that characterize us are in one pattern. During every training, you can have it with you. We believe that every one of us is different and thus unique. This motto made it possible for us to prepare the galaxy pattern in 10 various colours. Express yourself and pick the colour that makes 100% of you!

Galaxy Black- black is a mystery and magic, and consequently, an inexhaustible source of energy. Galaxy Black is the power of motivation, courage, and self-confidence.


*The model in the photo is 172cm tall and wearing an S size jacket.


Bomber jacket long was made from Vancover material, which provides high standard of thermo-regulation. Its layered structure with the insulatory layer inside works as an isolator. It stands as a barier in contact with the chill, cold and the freeze protecting you at the same time from cooling too quickly.
It breathes. It makes it possible for the body to breather freely thanks to that it doesn't overheat.
Thermal safety. The meshwork net makes the gradual wicking away of the collected heat possible and so guaranteeing the thermal safety. Such an action allows you to use fewer layers of clothing to put under the bomber.
Material doesn't lose colors. It doesn't fade in the washing or in the sunshine thanks to which the clothing looks new for a long time.
The material is highly durable. It is resistant to wearing down or rippin. It is characterised by extra stretchiness.


- isolator,
- provides thermo-regulation,
- delicate,
- nice to touch,
- breathes well,
- durable,
- elastic,
- protects colors,
- doesn't pill in the washing.

Composition: 85% polyester, 15% elastomer.

Weight: 260g/m2

Long bomber jacket

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