Price: 87,25€



Product code: BKK-9M1

Color: Multicolor

Sex: Woman


The front of the T-shirts and sleeves are made of Flexible Slim fabric - the material behaves like a second skin: it is elastic and stretches in four directions, which ensures a perfect fit to every silhouette. The back of the T-shirt is made of Brisk 3d Ultra fabric - its characteristic 3D micro fiber weave allows quick breathability, and thin weaves make the fabric very light and delicate for the body. It facilitates good air circulation. The sides, on the other hand, are made of the Brisk Soft fabric, which has an even more delicate weave, the fabric doesn't absorb the water but drains it outside and gives a high feeling of dryness.

Brisk 3D Ultra

An innovative knit that perfectly wicks moisture away. Its characteristic 3D weave of micro fibers ensures high breathability, and the special weave makes the fabric very light and delicate for the body. Thanks to its construction, Brisk 3D Ultra ensures optimal air circulation. It is resistant to sunlight, so when training in the sun clothing does not heat up and the colors don't fade away. The fabric does not absorb moisture, but drains it to the outside, which makes the skin stay dry. Thanks to this during the training, the clothes don't stick to the body. It is characterized by good stretchiness and high durability.

Weight: 135 g/m2

Brisk Soft

The material with the tiniest weave, which makes it very durable and at the same time delicate for the skin. The fabric is resistant to sunlight. Brisk Soft does not absorb moisture but only transports it to the outside, distributing it instantly over as large an area as possible. As a result, the moisture evaporates faster and clothing stays dry.

Weight: 135 g/m2

Flexible Slim

The improved version of Flexible Fit material: extremely delicate, thin, with better breathability.
The material behaves like a second skin: it is flexible and stretches in four directions, which ensures a perfect fit to any silhouette.
Thanks to very good breathability the sweat is quickly wicked away to the outside and the fabric stays dry. The material is also characterized by extreme tenderness and is friendly to the skin, without causing irritation and abrasions.
The material doesn't lose colors in the washing or because of the sunlight, that is why clothing looks like new for a long time.

Weight: 190 g/m2

Composition: 82% polyester, 18% elastane.

Cycling shirt

Height 156 - 164 158 - 164 160 - 164 165 - 170 171 - 178 174 - 180
Bust 72 - 78 78 - 86 86 - 92 92 - 98 98 - 106 106 - 112