We designed the cycling collection for women who want to emphasize their uniqueness during intensive cycling training, as well as a quiet ride. We opted for a combination of comfort, durability and design. Shirts in energetic colors with unconventional patterns and shorts with bamboo, eco-friendly pad, combine lightness and excellent breathability. The shirt takes care of proper thermals and is gentle to the skin. The special triangular perforation of the material used expressly wicks away moisture and gives a pleasant feeling of freshness. The shorts are available in two variants: with suspenders and without suspenders. Both of these models do not move while riding due to breathable suspenders or a contoured waistband. The panelized construction adjusts the shorts to different types of women's silhouettes.

Kolekcja odzieży rowerowej - kobieta na w stroju kolarskim
Kolekcja rowerowa - koszulki rowerowe Nessi Sport


Our cycling shirts are distinguished by an innovative material with a triangular perforated structure combined with a unique design. Karbon material is characterized by excellent breathability. The shirts sewn from it are light, and the carbon fibers contained in the material, give a relaxing effect. Our unprecedented patterns and energetic colors contrast with the grey reality.


  • Karbon material is breathable, quick-drying, with a high degree of moisture wicking. It has anti-bacterial properties, thus creating a comfortable conditions for the skin
  • ergonomic cut is responsible for the best possible fit to the female silhouette and causes that the shirt does not move during the ride
  • silicone tapes cause that the sleeves stay in place and the back of the shirt does not lift up
  • three functional and capacious pockets, one of which is watertight, zippered for your most precious belongings
  • reflective logo
  • a zipper with a ratchet allows you to adjust the degree of fastening while riding. The downward-facing ratchet will hold the zipper in one place, while the upward-facing will allow you to unfasten the zipper
Atuty koszulek rowerowych firmy Nessi Sport
Kolekcja odzieży na rower - koszulki rowerowe


As a first layer, we recommend wearing a breathable shirt from the Ultra collection. On hot days it will take care of proper thermoregulation and express moisture wicking. On colder days, it will serve as an additional thermoactive layer.


The most important element of cycling shorts is the pad. For this season we have prepared an innovative pad made of ecological bamboo yarn. You can read about the properties of the pad, its thickness, how it absorbs shocks and the foam used, on a specially prepared page.

Choosing the right shorts is a dilemma facing every two-wheeled enthusiast. For the 2022 season, we offer two types of shorts. The first variant has suspenders finished with a mesh with special perforation. The second, on the other hand, has a contoured high waistband. These solutions ensure that the shorts do not move during your workouts.

Spodenki z szelkami rowerowe marki Nessi Sport
Atuty spodenek rowerowych marki Nessi Sport


  • the pad with anatomically contoured construction, adapts to the specifics of the female silhouette and increases comfort and convenience for up to 8 hours of continuous riding
  • bamboo liner of the pad with anti-bacterial properties, this reduces the likelihood of irritation of sensitive areas
  • panel construction is responsible for the proper fit to the female silhouette. It is also responsible for the even tension of the seams, which reduces the risk of pinching. This is especially important for sensitive skin
  • Resi Ultra 4K material, which is abrasion-resistant and has a high degree of breathability. The material is durable, extends out in 4 directions and adapts to various body shapes
  • the leg finished with a wide tape keeps them in one place and does not cause pressure


The anti-bacterial liner of the pad causes that you can ride without underwear.

  1. Gentle to the skin, ecological bamboo lining
  2. Breathable foams
  3. Breathable cushioning foam
  4. Highly shock-absorbing sponge

You can read about the properties of the pad, its thickness, how it absorbs shocks and the foam used on a specially prepared page:

More information about pad

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