Price: 12,25€
Lead time: 2 working days



Colour: multicolour

Material: Brisk 3D Ultra

Fabric weight: 135 g/m2


A reliable sports headband with excellent breathability. Made from an innovative fabric that wicks unwanted moisture away on hot days, protecting your eyes from sweat. On colder days, it covers your ears and sinuses. It has a reflective element. Enjoy our headband all year round.


Ahoy, adventure! Be brave and set sail with us on a voyage into the unknown! The waves will carry you to undiscovered lands and the light of the lighthouse will show you the way. Run into the wilderness, jump down a waterfall, climb a peak hidden inland. You may come across a fascinating octopus from the deep? Grab the helm and stay on course for new experiences. Time to head for the horizon! Choose the Blue Ocean pattern and face all the storms!


  • We have adjusted the height of the headband to protect You in all weather conditions: on warm, cold or windy days. It will absorb sweat from your skin during intense exercise and protect your ears and sinuses when it is chilly.
  • You do not have to worry about irritated, pinching or sweaty eyes anymore.
  • If you are into long, heavy workouts you can use our trick: combine the headband with the ACT cap; moisture has no chance with this set.
  • Choose the right size. Measure the circumference of your head from your forehead, above your ears and at the nape of your neck. There are two options for You:
  • S/M - head circumference of 46-54 cm,
  • M/L - head circumference of 54-62 cm.
  • We opted for a proven solution: flat seams to avoid irritation or chafing of the delicate scalp.
  • The headband takes up little space - you can put it into your handbag or hand luggage.
  • Reflective element increase your safety during morning and evening training sessions.


For our headband Ultra, we used Brisk 3D Ultra fabric. It offers excellent breathability, making it a natural choice for sports lovers. The fibres are composed in a specific way, forming three-dimensional structures. Their working principle can be compared to a wick that takes the moisture off the skin and distributes it over the fabric's surface. As a result, the air that gets into the structure dries the material quickly. The fabric is also wear-resistant and does not lose its saturated colours despite washing or training in the sun. The headband can be used all year round for a variety of activities such as running, obstacle racing, cycling, climbing or judo. If you do not feel like wiping your forehead all the time or your hands are just full, the headband is a smart choice. You can use it to complement your everyday styling or use it in the kitchen. It will also perfectly match your urban styling and will come in handy when travelling. Remember to protect your head and drink plenty of water in hot weather! The headband was manufactured for you in Poland.

Composition: 100% polyester


  1. The headband can be washed in a washing machine at a temperature of 40 degrees maximum.
  2. Use a sportswear washing programme.