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Product code: AOP-9G4

Colour: Red

Sex: Unisex

Insulated sports headband for cold and frosty days. It works perfectly in winter, during outdoor activities - running training, Nordic walking, hiking, as well as during skiing, cross-country or ice skating. It provides thermal comfort due to the combination of Cubic Guard and fleece.

Barrier against cold

The headband is made of mellow Cubic Guard material, with a grid structure. It insulates from adverse weather conditions, protecting against hypothermia. The inner, soft, fleece insert enhances this effect. The headband is of high breathability. The material wicks moisture away and facilitates its evaporation outside, which maintains a high feeling of comfort during physical effort.

Profiled cut and flat seams

The band is characterized by a profiled cut around the ears, thanks to which greater protection for this part of the body has been achieved. At the same time, proper sewing makes the band stay in place during movement. It also protects the forehead and bays. It uses flat and flexible and at the same time durable and strong seams that do not rub and do not crack but work together with the material. The band does not lose colour in washing, even after prolonged use.

Reflective elements

Taking care of the user's safety, the band has been equipped with a reflective element - at the front at the height of the forehead in the form of a logo. Its place was chosen according to the principle of greater visibility so it gives a variable signal to drivers on the route of the evening workout. This is extremely important in the winter, where the days are short and the sun sets early.


Choosing Nessi Sportswear you become part of a big and great galaxy! Nessi is not just sports' clothing! It's a lifestyle and colour accompanying you every day! Finally, all the symbols that characterize us are in one pattern. During every training, you can have it with you. We believe that every one of us is different and thus unique. This motto made it possible for us to prepare the galaxy pattern in 10 various colours. Express yourself and pick the colour that makes 100% of you!

Galaxy Red is energy, the power to act and great strength. Galaxy Red is the love for sport with the full spectrum of its emotions.


S/M - head circumference from 44 to 51 cm.

M/L - head circumference from 52 to 62 cm.


It dries quickly. The fabric from which the band was made, does not absorb moisture in its structure, only quickly transfers it outside the cap.

It protects the sinuses and ears. Thermoactive material ensures maintenance of the necessary thermal comfort, perfectly isolates the head from the cold environment and wind.

Antibacterial. Material Cubic Guard is an environment that is unfavorable to the development of bacterial flora.

Provides security when running after dark. The logotype is reflective, so the runner is better visible on the road during the evening workout.

It does not slip. The material of the cap is very flexible and extends in two directions, and the ergonomic cut ensures a perfect fit.

Universal. The band will work during various outdoor activities and in everyday use. Small dimensions make it possible to take it with you everywhere.



Flexible Fit Warm

- it is extremely flexible: it extends in four directions, which ensures a perfect fit to each figure,
- breathes well,
- wicks moisture away from the surface of the skin to the outer layers,
- dries quickly,
- it is very delicate and pleasant to touch,
- isolates from wind and cold,
- has internal insulation.

The material is like a second skin: pleasant to the touch, flexible, perfectly matched to the body.

Its outer layer protects against rewinding and isolates from cold, while the inner one is very delicate, it is responsible for quickly draining moisture from the skin's surface and prevents the body from cooling down.

The fabric extends in four directions, which ensures a perfect fit to the figure.

The delicate and skin-friendly material does not cause irritation and abrasions. Thanks to thermal insulation, it provides thermal comfort and is ideal for autumn and winter.

The material breathes well, thanks to which the clothing made of it dries very quickly.
The material does not lose colors in the wash and under the influence of sunlight.

Composition: Polyester 100%.